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About Us

At Sweet Lupine, we work to contribute beauty to the world by providing women with fashionable, comfortable, ethically-made clothing and accessories. We believe that women are beautiful, and that beautiful women have the power to shape the world- we hope to dress them as they do. We created Sweet Lupine with the vision of being a piece of the movement seeking to redefine beauty; eliminating the number system and replacing it with things that really matter, things like character, and passion, and love. We offer a curated collection of apparel and accessories inspired by the California coast, our own sense of wanderlust, and timeless elegant beauty.

We believe that fashion can be, and should be, ethical. To this end, we support independent designers, products that are made in the USA, companies that practice ethical production standards (such as a living wage and quality working conditions), and fair trade products. We also believe in being real; for this reason, you'll see freckles and beauty marks and other defining features on our models. We know that ethical fashion extends beyond the beautiful products you see on our website, so we work hard to keep our shipping and packaging practices and our offices eco-friendly. 

Our blog highlights all things we find beautiful: beautiful people, beautiful places, beautiful words, beautiful things. We hope that as you follow along with us, you are inspired to see the beauty surrounding you wherever you may be. We hope you’ll add our blog to your in-box for a few weekly bursts of beauty and we hope you’ll join along in our conversation on social media, celebrating the beauty we find around us.


Who are we?

Sweet Lupine was founded in 2015 by mother/daughter duo Kelli and Amanda.

About Amanda: I am a beach-girl through and through. I grew up in Los Angeles, California, but today I make my home on the gulf of Florida. You can typically find me someplace where I can hear the waves crashing and smell the sea-salt air. I believe that beauty is most often found in a smile, and that a woman can be kind, strong, smart, and sweet all at the same time. I love chocolate, the sunshine, visiting new places, the smell of sunscreen, hiking, Hawaii, and my husband (he’s the best). I also know a lot about baseball. Looking for beauty in my daily life brings me peace and joy; I hope Sweet Lupine shares a piece of that with you, too.

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