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All Things Beautiful

Posted on March 30, 2015 by Amanda Brown | 0 comments

Welcome, friends! We are thrilled you are here.

This blog is a space to celebrate all things beautiful; beautiful people, beautiful words, beautiful places, and beautiful things. This is not a typical beauty blog. You won’t find the latest makeup tips or hair styling products here. You won’t find celebrity pictures from fashion week, or ways to make yourself look better on Instagram.

In fact, we believe that you are already beautiful. You don’t need us to tell you how to be beautiful. And we believe that despite the messiness of this world, there is beauty all around us. We don’t need to go too far to seek out beauty. We believe that words have the power to evoke joy as we celebrate this beauty. And so we search for beauty, we notice beauty, we write about beauty, we photograph beauty, and we share it here with you, with the hope of bringing a bit more beauty to your life.

As women, we know the world is inundating us with standards of beauty. We hope to be a voice in the crowd saying: you are already beautiful. You are already enough.

That look you have when you talk about things that matter to you

- that’s what makes you beautiful.

The way your eyes sparkle when looking at the ones you love

- that’s what makes you beautiful.

The kind words you extend to a friend in need

- that’s what makes you beautiful.

The joy you share by following your passion

- that’s what makes you beautiful.

We hope this is a space where we begin to redefine beauty; eliminating the number system and replacing it with things that really matter, things like character, and passion, and love.

Thanks for reading and following and sharing with us as we celebrate beauty.


The blog is written by mother/daughter duo Kelli and Amanda. A fifty-something and a twenty-something year old duo sharing their perspective on beauty. We don't take many selfies, but here's our favorite picture of us, just so you know who we are :)  

Photo Cred: Evoke Photography (www.evokephotography.com) 




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