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Redefining Beauty

Posted on February 01, 2016 by Amanda Brown | 0 comments

Dear Friends,

When we launched Sweet Lupine, our goal was two-fold:

  1. To become the go-to place to find beautiful, ethical fashion. That when you need a new piece for your wardrobe, or the perfect gift for a friend, you think: Sweet Lupine- where I can find beautiful, unique, ethically made clothing and handmade accessories. In the seven months since we launched, we have been completely focused on this goal. And while we’re still working on making Sweet Lupine a household name, we are thrilled that:

All of our products are sweatshop free. Our clothing is made in America or fair-trade certified, and our accessories are a mixture of handmade jewelry and handmade scarves created here in the States, and international pieces that are handmade and fair trade certified. We work with many small businesses and independent designers to find each piece in our collection and we try to keep prices affordable so that ethically-made, people-first fashion can be accessible to everyone.

- Our second goal was (and is) -

  1. To be a part of the movement seeking to redefine beauty.

We have been working hard on this goal this behind the scenes, but with your help, we’re ready to push it even further.

Let us share what we’ve been doing: first, since we believe in natural beauty, we never Photoshop the bodies of our models. We want people to know what our clothes look like on real people. Sometimes this means our photos look different than the ones that you might see on other shopping websites. Our images may look imperfect and untouched- that’s because they are untouched. This is an intentional decision we made in an attempt to normalize real bodies (with freckles and scars and unpolished nails and [wait for it] fat, and even boo-boos [because a girl simply cannot be dainty all the time :) ] ). We have also sought out opportunities to reinforce the message that as a woman, you are beautiful; you are enough.

But now, with your help, we are ready to step up our game. We want Sweet Lupine to be a community of women who know their innate beauty. Who know that the number on the scale is simply a measure of the gravitational pull on their bodies; not an indication of their self-worth. We want this to be a community of women who know that make-up is fun and is often a form of art, but that they don’t need makeup to be beautiful. A community of women who want healthy bodies because they care about themselves; because they know that a strong, healthy body enables them to reach their goals. A community of women who know that beauty shines from within; that their heart is what makes them beautiful. That real beauty is shown through kindness towards others, through the fire that cannot be contained when they are pursuing their passions, through their smile, through their uplifting words, through serving those in need, through acts of generosity, through the giving of grace. We want to become a community of women that support one another as we hail natural beauty, as we work to redefine beauty – moving away from a number system- and replacing it with things that really matter. A community of women working so that our young girls can grow up in a world where character- not the size of your jeans- defines beauty.

We want to be a community of women who seek out beauty. Who recognize that there is beauty even in the darkest of places if we only look for it. We want to be women who stop in the middle of the storm to notice the overwhelming beauty of the sky; women who slow down on their morning run to appreciate the beauty of the waving leaves overhead; the women who stop to admire the beauty of an artists’ work.

So here’s what we’re committed to in the next year:

  1. We’re going to be launching a Lupine Lady series in which we highlight women who are working to make the world more beautiful. We hope you’ll read these stories with us and be inspired to spread beauty in your community.

*If you, or someone you know, is working to spread beauty in the world, and would like to be featured on our blog, please let us know! Drop us a line at: hello@sweetlupine.com

  1. We’re going to be intentional about highlighting beauty on our social media platforms. This means you’ll be seeing more “beautiful places,” “beautiful people,” “beautiful words,” and “beautiful things” on our social media accounts. It is our hope that as we fill your feed with beauty, we can be reminded to focus on the beauty that surrounds us and to recognize the beauty of others.

Here’s where you come in-

3.) Please join us! Share the beauty in your life with us on social media using #SweetBeauty and/or #LupineLovely. We believe that when women all over the world, take time to notice and appreciate the beauty in ourselves, in those around us, and in our everyday lives, society will begin to redefine beauty by things that really matter: things like kindness, integrity, grace, and generosity.

Thank you for being a part of this movement. Stay sweet.

With love,

Xo, Amanda

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